Lifestyle in Italy

If there is one thing that Italians are passionate about, it is their culture. The deep pride and value that Italians have for their country and their way of life is palpable, and the love for their identity as Italians seeps from every aspect of their culture. From the sports, music, and television that locals enjoy during times of recreation, to the buildings, monuments and historic sites that are visited by millions every year, to the iconic art movements and masterpieces that have made their indelible marks on the world, Italy is a country that is vibrant and alive with a rich, unique culture.

Daily Life in Italy

The Italian people are known for their deep-rooted love of family and tradition. The influence of the region’s long history can be seen throughout Italy’s daily life in the form of its cities’ architecture, the daily cuisine, and the Italian lifestyle. Italians love sports, television, and music.

The national sport of the country is soccer. When the National Team plays, nearly everyone takes notice and watches, including those who are not typically fans of the sport. The pride that Italians feel for their country is reflected in their pride for their National team. The World Cup is an enormously popular sporting event which practically shuts down the country. When the Italian National Team is competing, it is difficult to find cars or passersby in the streets, as everyone is watching together. In addition to watching soccer, locals also enjoy playing it, meaning anywhere there is a ball, Italians can have a great time! A common discussion topic and point of interest at Italian dinner tables, across crowded bars, and throughout piazzas, soccer is a sport that not only celebrates, but also unifies Italy.  

Television is a favorite pastime in Italy. The national public broadcasting company of Italy, RAI, is the main source of news and information for locals. The network also airs national events, such as the beauty pageant, “Miss Italia,” or the “Sanremo Music Festival,” the most famous pop music event in all of Italy. Television hosts in Italy are thought of as an extension of the family, given their daily presence in the lives of Italians. Television figures such as Corrado Mantoni, Mike Bongiorno, and Pippo Baudo have made major impacts on the Italian culture and are well known throughout the country.

Aside from television, the radio is another important source of entertainment for Italians. Listening to the music of Italian songwriters and singers is an important part of most local’s everyday lives. Artists such as Lucio Battisti, Mina, Adriano Celentano, Francesco De Gregori, and Antonello Venditti are just a few of the many artists whose music represents the melody of Italian life. Music in Italy connects and unites listeners, helping to express the daily life of Italians in an important and meaningful way.


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